About us


Livado Home is founded by passionate art experts excited about the beauty of the classic world, culture, and life.

Our company went through a very demanding and time-consuming European journey - the search of the available sculpture molds created by the old European masters, the research of ancient artwork techniques, and the appointment of the right artists to reproduce the best high-quality decorative artwork inspired by classical art styles.

This long journey resulted in our gratifying ability to offer a wide range of exclusive handmade reproductions of statues, busts, sculptures and many other artifacts that fascinate enthusiasts all over the globe.



In 2019, we launched our first product lines for the global audience online and exhibited in international fairs. Due to the broad and international recognition and the resulting rapid growth of our company, through the years 2020-2021, there was a significant expansion of product lines making our catalog the widest of its kind.

With the help of global fulfillment centers and shipping with the most convenient door to door service offered by international world-class couriers, Livado Home regularly fulfills retail orders from dynamic markets such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, France, Germany, and Japan.

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At Livado Home, we curate collectibles and inspiring accent decor that creates magnificent and unique homes.

Even if you are not an experienced decorator, we pleasantly help you find the best artworks according to your needs. Our excellent customer service is able to give product advice and instant answers to queries.



As the leading brand of classic home decor, we aim to provide the most value in the demanding market of quality home furnishings, offering the very best product, service and fast, safe and reliable delivery.

Our professionalism, creativity, experience, passion and our great love for our products have empowered us to keep alive the tradition and formidable work of European old Masters by continuously improving the processes that make our mission happen: getting your favorite fragile artwork to your door easier, faster, safely and inexpensive.

Should you be inspired by our story, our collections are welcoming you to explore their many souvenirs and treasures of European handicraft.